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Welcome to Dreams Abroad

We Are a Resource Provider for Global Professionals Who Live, Work, Study, and Travel Abroad

Dreams Abroad started with the goal of sharing its contributors’ stories with the wider world. We wanted to give a voice to authentic, unfiltered experiences of expatriates living and working abroad. We wanted to inspire our readers to pursue similar experiences. As we’ve grown and expanded, we now strive to be the most accurate resource provider for professionals abroad and have an extensive support system and network for our community. Through sharing our articles, interviews, and tips as well as engaging on social media, we cultivate a space where our team and those who follow our content can easily access honest and first-hand information about what life is like abroad. We focus on everything from everyday experiences to working, studying, traveling, and more abroad. Looking ahead, we plan to expand our resources for life abroad, get more voices from around the world to join our team, and provide even more support to our community. Isn’t it about time you started to live your dreams abroad?

We Teach is a place where teachers and international education professionals can openly discuss their experiences abroad. We Study is a section dedicated to sharing stories of students’ educational experiences beyond what they’ve known before. For those who travel abroad, we tell stories about our trips abroad in our Travel Tales section. Travel Tips is where we share advice that has helped each of us through our adventures. No matter the level of experience, Dreams Abroad is here to be a support network for professionals abroad.

A great place to start navigating the site is What We Know Now, a series specifically dedicated to what our team knows now about living, working, studying, and traveling abroad because of their experiences. If you want to get some ideas, our Dreams Abroad VLOG is a series of video interviews offering tips and insights about everything from why college students chose to study abroad to advice on TEFL grammar. If you still have any questions, connect with us on social media. We’d love to hear from you! Whatever your dream abroad may be, it is our mission to help you achieve it.

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