About Us

Dreams Abroad is a network of international professionals that are directly involved with the lives of each person that comes to our site. We capture the lives of travelers, teachers, students, and various other global professionals who decided to begin their adventures around the world and share them with our network.

Our Story

We started in Madrid, Spain, where many of us taught and lived together in 2016. Today, our team has over 40 members and consists of people with experiences from around the world. Our sections include We Study and We Teach. You could say we are a small, talented group of professionals who strive to help others achieve their goals. Our team works tirelessly to make sure that our articles and resources are up to date and accurate. Please see our Team Members page to catch a glimpse of our writers who frequent the site with their expertise.

Our contributors each have a unique background, offering different compelling perspectives on being abroad as travelers, teachers, and students. No matter where our contributors come from or their background, our amazing group supports them all the same. Each of our team members has traveled, worked, studied, or lived in various locations around the world for months to years at a time. In fact, some of them have made a life of traveling!

We Connect Travelers

Dreams Abroad brings together those who have years of experience traveling and those who are just starting out on their first journey. Whether you are a solo traveler or want to hear the adventures of a digital nomad, Dreams Abroad can help connect you to our network. Everyone has a story to tell, advice to give, and lessons to learn. We are here to help foster a supportive community. We want to empower, encourage, inspire, and impact our readers by providing a platform for global professionals to pursue their dreams abroad.  

Experiences Abroad of What We Have Learned

We share all of our experiences whether good or bad: nothing is left out. Our goal is to be open and honest with our readers no matter the circumstance. Contributors talk about everything from how to prepare to travel abroad to how to be more resilient to adversity while living abroad. Our site began after Leesa Truesdell, the founder of Dreams Abroad, lost her beloved grandmother while teaching abroad in Spain. She recounts her time in Spain and how she handled this loss, and how she became more resilient while living in another country. 

The What I Know Now series recounts moments in which mistakes were made and learned from. The team shares their trials and tribulations and how they grew stronger as individuals. These resources offer you the ability to learn from the challenges others have endured. We don’t want our community to feel like they are ever alone when abroad. Additionally, our contributors discuss some helpful hints that they wish they knew before having taken off on their adventures.

Valuable Moments Abroad

We find that some of life’s most valuable moments are made by making mistakes. Turn left — wait, you made a right… It is in these hiccups and milestones that some of our greatest memories are made. Our Travel Tips series gets into the specific details of the various experiences our community has dealt with. They also share how they have adapted and overcame the unforeseen when traveling. In these details, you will find a treasure trove full of travel resources for every traveler. 

Making Your Dreams a Reality

Dreams Abroad want to assist all who visit our site and make their dream a reality. Embracing uncertainty is what we do best, and we challenge you to ride the wave of life with us. Share your ups and downs, highs and lows, and most importantly, be part of the conversation. Your professional story and input could help fellow travelers navigate their journey. What are you waiting for? 

New to Being Abroad

Not in a place to go all out and purchase that plane ticket, but still dream about being abroad? Don’t worry, you don’t have to make a plan for a trip you’re not ready for! Check out Travel Tales where our contributors share stories about their experiences. They talk about their trials and tribulations abroad, including everything that went right and everything that went wrong!

You will read about teachers exploring some of the most exotic lands while teaching. Articles are written by teachers for people who are seasoned or looking for guidance. They have been all over the world, to places like Spain, Thailand, Mexico, and Cambodia. They also share their experience of exploring the best tourist spots over the weekend as they dive into the best destinations. We are sure their insight will give you a look into the daily lives of teaching in a foreign country.

Students are not left out on their adventures. Education is the start of a well-rounded life learning about different cultures while obtaining a degree. Our team interviews current and past students all over the world who are studying abroad from their home country. We include stories from our students studying throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. 

Connect With Us

Do you have a travel experience of your own? Have you been itching to share your adventures from your time in another country? Connect with us, as we would like to hear about them. We would truly enjoy reading and publishing your story for our followers. Our community wants to hear about all the fun you have had. Who knows, you might even teach them a valuable lesson about your life abroad!

There are plenty of ways that you can get more involved in the Dreams Abroad community. Whatever you want to share with us, please feel free to. We love hearing about your struggles and successes abroad and we are sure the rest of our community will love it too.

Thanks for reading! We are active on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube. We hope to keep growing the Dreams Abroad family. Plus, through social media, we get to hear all your amazing experiences from your time traveling abroad. Make sure to follow us for tips, lessons, and tales about living professionally overseas.

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