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Dreams Abroad is a nonpartisan group that is directly involved with the lives of each person that comes to our site. We capture the lives of travelers, teachers, students, and various other global professionals who live, work, study, and travel abroad. Equally important each contributor has a unique background and offers a different perspective on being abroad. We started in Madrid, Spain, where many of us taught and lived together in 2016. Today, our team represents people with experiences from around the world. Our team is a small group of professionals who thrive on helping others achieve their goals.

Please see our Team Members page to catch a glimpse of our writers who frequent the site with their expertise.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower, encourage, inspire and impact our readers by providing an advice platform for global professionals to pursue their dreams abroad. Each of our team members has traveled, worked, studied or lived abroad for months to years at a time. Our experts talk about topics such as coping techniques or grieving abroad, represented in our series, Resilience Abroad. In this series, Leesa Truesdell dives deep into the loss of her beloved grandmother. She recounts her time abroad, what she did during the loss, and how she became more resilient while living abroad. 

The What We Know Now series discusses and recounts moments that were special. This series also shares advice that travelers and other global professionals would like to share with those just starting their adventure. Additionally, they discuss some helpful hints that they wish they knew before having taken off on their adventures.

Teach Abroad, Teach USA, and Study Abroad

about us our story team work travel abroadTeach Abroad, Teach USA, and Study Abroad are three programs where we conduct interviews and speak with expats, students, and teachers who are working in the field throughout the world. Of course, through these interviews, we meet all kinds of like-minded folks who want to share their experiences to help ease concerns. This is also a great way to share and create expectations for future candidates in their prospective line of work.

Travel Tips and Travel Tales.

Last but not least, our Travel Tales and Travel Tips sections include the many adventures and recommendations that our team has gathered. Our team includes many from across the globe. We have some great stories. We find that some of life’s most valuable moments are made by making mistakes. Turn left — wait, you made a right… it is in these travel hiccups and milestones that some of our greatest resources are shared. Just read through the fine print to find them all!

Furthermore, Dreams Abroad wants to assist all who visit our site and we want to make their dream a reality. Embracing uncertainty is what we do best, and we challenge you to ride the wave of life abroad with us. Share our ups and downs, highs and lows, and most importantly, be part of the conversation. Additionally being abroad is challenging! Your professional story and input could help fellow travelers navigate their journey. 

Thanks for reading, comment frequently, submit your story, submit a request for an interview and become a part of our network!

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