How We Started

Leesa Truesdell originally started writing while living abroad to keep in touch with her beloved grandmother, who lived in the United States. It was a way for Leesa to remain close, despite the distance between their continents. It also allowed for Leesa to keep abreast of Tata‘s health and well-being.

Sadly, on January 11, 2017, Leesa lost her grandmother. As a way to deal with her grief, Leesa decided to channel her energy into pursuing her dream of spearheading a website. She wanted to help those who lived abroad to share their journey. Leesa launched the website with the specific goal of providing her colleagues and friends an easy way to talk about their dreams and lives while living in countries all over the world. Leesa hoped to inspire others to step out of their comfort zone and spend time abroad. Dreams Abroad was born that same January 2017.

Embrace Culture Abroad

Dreams Abroad started because Leesa wanted to establish a platform for incredibly talented people to talk about the joys and challenges of everyday life in a foreign country. Living and working abroad is an experience that changes anyone who embraces a culture other than their own. Our experiences are worth sharing. The team has done an amazing job of sharing their lives so readers can learn from their experiences and use this knowledge to live their own dreams abroad.

Our site is dedicated to Leesa’s beloved grandmother, Tata, and all of the readers and writers who have lost someone they love. Life is a journey filled with failures and successes. Both of these things make us who we are. We empower global professionals to achieve their dreams abroad! Contact us if you have any questions or comments.

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