Our legacy page tells the stories of peoples’ lives, the things they did, the places they went, the goals they accomplished, and furthermore, how they impacted our lives! Their legacy is something that they either taught us or left behind for us to remember them by. Our writers will be sharing and remembering those who have significantly impacted our lives. They are people that are our mentors, family members, and friends. They have definitely impacted our journeys abroad and in life.

Legacies guide people in decision-making and what we should do in life. It is especially about leaving a mark and creating a memorable action for people to follow. We want to share these actions and set the stories in stone for our readers.

Setting an Example for the Future

Setting an example for the future is certainly important. Leaving behind a legacy is important for future generations. Mothers, fathers, friends, mentors, and every-day people leave behind a legacy that creates meaning in our lives. A grandmother’s traditions may be important to her family and will be passed down. Another member of a family may leave behind a special recipe or tradition during the holidays. Every time you celebrate that specific tradition, you remember the legacy. For example, making the recipe that grandma left behind will always keep that tradition and memory alive during the holidays. That person’s heritage creates a legacy and is what these posts encompass. Legacies are important to our future.

Our Legacy Is Yours

Legacies without a doubt leave a path for future generations to build on and propel us to make the world a better place. We believe you will want to read about someone that changed a traveler, teacher, or student’s life. It will open minds and hearts as to why these special people should be the front and center in our writing. This is also a way to pass on life experience to others that need direction during a difficult time. Each interaction and story finds itself as unique and distinct as our writers. Our stories will give insight into what makes these individuals important to us.

Guide to Make Better Decisions in Life

A legacy also leaves behind the story of a person so they are not forgotten. Leaving behind a story gives us comfort in knowing that once we pass on we will not be erased from the memories of others. We sometimes forget even the most precious memories. These posts will instill further that their memory will always be there. 

Please join us as we tell their stories and keep everyone’s legacy alive! If you would like to be part of this blog series, please contact us. We always look forward to posting about interesting people that made a difference in your life.

Legacy Stories