Who has made a difference in your life? Our legacy page celebrates the role models in our team’s lives. We are talking about the significant figures who have impacted our existences, molded our worldviews, and shaped our futures. These are the people we will forever be thankful for, the ones whose footsteps we trace, the older relatives whose legacies we cherish.

Dreams Abroad founder and director Leesa Truesdell has penned a moving tribute to her grandmother. Here is an excerpt from her article about her trip to Puerto Rico, where she finally said goodbye:

It is 2020. When I wrote my last piece about Tata, I did not realize how much would change and how fast it would happen. This year has been tough for all of us. It is times like these when we must remember to tell people what they mean to you often, live with conviction and purpose, and remember that every person you meet has a story, so listen. Listen up and listen hard.”

A legacy can guide your decision making and ensure you are on the right path. Who are the people you look up to? The ones whose judgment you trust implicitly? Where in your family, school, or career, have you looked for inspiration? Our team shares candid details about those who have left a mark for them to follow.

Set in Stone

Legacies are the monuments of the mind. We remember how Grandma used to make her Christmas cake with the extra ingredients she added that you thought didn’t make sense but always worked, and how Grandpa distinctively lit the menorah. Doing it their way helps us to remember them and all they did for us. They become traditions we want to pass down to future generations as they were handed down to ours.

A recipe for love, written by Micaela Colon

Setting an example for the future is certainly important. Cementing the traditions in our everyday lives with meaning and sentiment contributes to the overall value of our community. Legacies are the building blocks for a stable rather than shaky future.

Our Legacy Is You

Legacies are personal. They don’t have to emanate from a relative, though. Perhaps your favorite teacher imparted wisdom to you which is of benefit to all and we want to help share that to a wider audience, circulate your knowledge to the rest of the world.

Forget Me Not

Why is somebody remembered after they die? It is because their actions transcend their passing. Memories are to be remembered rather than forgotten and we will keep the flame of our candle of remembrance eternally alight.

Please join us as we tell their stories and keep the legacy of our team’s inspirational figures alive. If you would like to be part of this blog series, feel free to contact us. We always look forward to posting about interesting people who made a difference in your life.

Legacy Stories

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