A picture of Amanda Whitten at the beach.

“With every new place I go, I discover a new me. An adventure to the outside is truly, also, an adventure within.” ~ Amanda Whitten


Amanda Whitten is a no-bull-shit kind o’ gal. She tells it like it is and admits that she’s just like every other girl or expat living long-term in Spain.  She loves the world around her, to travel, to learn, to live, to eat good food and to love in general. She’ll tell you that she is just like every other generic expat that won’t shut up about their amazing travel experiences. She’s a true self-hating tourist. Also, like most native English speakers here, she teaches TEFL English, and tries desperately to convince herself that it’s her favorite thing ever–all the while daydreaming about her next chance to fly up, up and away.  Born and raised in Oklahoma, Amanda finally got out in 2016. It took a while but, being the kind of person to do things on her own terms, on her own time, and in her own way, as well as having a few other extraneous issues, alternative avenues for traveling (such as military service or the Peace Corps) were never really that feasible. (More power to those who can and/or do!) Successfully avoiding student loans and crushing debt while double majoring in college, while generally trying to survive, caused several variously sized setbacks for making her dreams come true. But here she is in Madrid, Spain, making it happen! Read her story to learn more about her life and discover more about her hard-earned pearls of wisdom. Until then, ¡Hasta luego!


A New Me in Madrid

by Amanda Whitten If I had buckled down and started this blog entry a few weeks ago, I could have written…
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Au Pair in Madrid Spain

by Amanda Whitten ***WARNING: This is not all sunshine and rainbows. If you want butterflies, put this post off for…
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