Amanda Whitten
A picture of Amanda Whitten at the beach.

“With every new place I go, I discover a new me. An adventure to the outside is truly, also, an adventure within.” ~ Amanda Whitten


This is Amanda Whitten (aka Squirrel). She’s from Oklahoma, USA and lives in Madrid, Spain. Amanda currently works for a traditional public school in Leganés, Madrid. She has been there for about two years. She loves her job and the kids are the best part of her day. Amanda would say that primero eso is one of the most wonderful because they are so excited to share their lives and show enthusiasm for the simplest of things. They love games, singing, and telling you about their favorite foods as well as what they did on the weekend. Bachillerato is fantastic because they are usually able to discuss more complex issues, and you can really get to know them on another level by debating politics and worldly issues. 

When Amanda came to Spain, she had a plethora of different kinds of work experiences, such as food service, flooring and cabinetry design, library work, clothing retail, and even social work. Aside from her TEFL certification, she had absolutely no teaching experience before coming to Spain. Now after having been in Spain for three and a half years, she has taught in six schools through programs such as CIEE, the Spanish Ministry, Up International Education, and other academies. She also has three years of online teaching experience, and has taught several private English classes. It has been quite a developmental journey for her resumé! 

Amanda really enjoys traveling and has found that solo travel is her favorite. She’s been to countries such as Morocco, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Iceland, Portugal, Malta and many of the islands that belong to Spain such as Tenerife, Lanzarote, Ibiza, and Mallorca. Her hobbies include reading, writing, traveling (unsurprisingly), and making art. She has two bachelor degrees in Fine Arts and in Spanish. Although unsure about her future, one thing is for certain: Amanda loves her present!