When you travel, remember that a foreign country is not designed to make you comfortable. It is designed to make its own people comfortable.” — Clifton Fadiman.

Anna Lech


Anna Lech grew up in Poland where she discovered a passion for traveling, sports, and photography at a young age. As a little girl she spent all her pocket money on travel books, Kodak film, and sports equipment. In primary school, Anna belonged to an athletic club and dreamed of becoming a physical education teacher. This goal quickly changed when she caught the travel bug after traveling around Europe in her teens. The experiences of taking a gondola ride in Venice, climbing the Acropolis in Athens, snorkeling in Croatia and watching the sunset from the Eiffel Tower, made Anna wonder what other continents have to offer.

Before she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in tourism and hotel management, Anna took part in a work experience program in Germany as a hotelier. In the last year of her master’s degree, Anna took a trip to London which planted the seed of an idea to move to England after her graduation. While pursuing her hospitality and, later, corporate careers in the UK, Anna never stopped collecting passport stamps. Just before turning 40-years-old, she realized her life-long dream of backpacking around Southeast Asia for 15 weeks. Afterwards, Anna decided to swap British rain for Caribbean sunshine. She now calls Puerto Rico home.   

Anna has visited around 600 cities in 60+ countries on four continents and 14 states in the US but, surprisingly, she doesn’t have a favorite country. She’s as amazed by Spanish architecture as Egyptian pyramids. Yellowstone geysers fascinate Anna as much as Thai beaches or the Great Wall of China.  

Although her original plan of becoming a PE teacher didn’t come true, Anna’s sporty disposition helped her to collect even more amazing memories around the world. You could find her on a yoga mat in Vietnam, freediving in Spain, parasailing in Seychelles, paddleboarding and kayaking in Lake Tahoe, water rafting in Bali, or ice skating in Dubai.

Becoming a US resident during the pandemic put a pause on Anna’s travels. Yet she discovered a new passion for weightlifting and meditation. It also gave Anna more free time to start learning Spanish and for exploring her new home island. Anna hopes to use her hiking boots and scuba diving certificate very soon, but also to nourish her soul by meeting new people in as yet unknown places. 

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