“Our greatest strength lies in the gentleness and tenderness of our heart.” – Rumi


Bebe Bakhtiar was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia and spent the majority of her life there. As an Iranian-American, her family brought her to Iran most summers to understand the culture and language of her heritage. With such a strong presence of travel in her life, she has always been curious about seeing the world and experiencing things outside of her own world.

One of her life objectives has always been to share her love of language with others. Majoring in language education at the University of Georgia did just that. She lived in Seville and Valencia, Spain during her collegiate years to pick up her third language, Spanish. With 3 languages and a degree in education, she joined the Teach For America workforce to help youth through teaching.

Three years in Chicago teaching high school students was not easy, but it was very rewarding. Even though she felt incredibly fulfilled through her work, she felt a part of her was still missing. This part was traveling the world and experiencing different cultures. Once applying to teach English in Madrid and being accepted, she picked up her things and set off for Spain.

Now, about to start her 3rd academic year teaching English in Spain, Bibi teaches during the week and travels with a company, Citylife Madrid, as a trips coordinator. She has successfully combined her love for teaching and traveling into one fun and crazy lifestyle!

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