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There’s something about arriving in new cities, wandering empty streets with no destination. I will never lose the love of arriving, but I’m born to leave.” — Charlotte Eriksson

Cate Dapena


Cate Dapena was in her mid-50s before she gathered the nerve to travel to Europe for the first time, and alone at that. She had already raised her two daughters as well as enjoyed her grandson’s first few important years. Cate decided to follow the lead of two of her nephews who had traveled and taught abroad with CIEE. Cate soon set her sights on Spain. She went on to lead several English conversation groups for adults and tutor five ESL students. Additionally, Cate also worked at a local primary school. She was thrilled with the traveling she has managed to do throughout Europe. To learn more how traveling changed Cate’s life, check out her interview.

Smart Goals of Teaching Abroad

“Madrid especially has won my heart.” – Cate Dapena I will never forget my first encounter with Cate. I met…
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