Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom, and to depart from evil is understanding” — Job 28:28

Chika Anyanya

Chika Anyanya is a Christian and an Igbo Nigerian from Abia State, Southeastern Nigeria. He grew up in Ondo State, and Ekiti State respectively and comes from the city of Aba, one of the commercial hubs of Nigeria and Africa as a whole. Chika currently resides in Ibadan, Southwestern Nigeria. There, he obtained a Bachelor’s of Education in Adult Education and Political Science from the University of Ibadan. Chika’s scholarship interests include community development and climate change.

He desires to provide spiritual and political education, especially for the younger population in secondary schools. This will produce change agents who can transform Nigeria’s society in all spheres by combating climate change and developing the nation’s communities.

Chika is a teacher, evangelist, writer, and sojourner. His free time is spent traveling and enjoying landscapes, new places, and world mysteries. One historic site he likes to explore is the hills of Idanre. Idanre Hills is considered a world wonder and is located in Idanre, which is an ancient town in Ondo State, Nigeria. Africa’s landscape remains a fascinating mystery to every visitor because of the cryptic elements and realities yet to be deciphered, even if you apply sophisticated scientific knowledge. Chika enjoys studying the books of the Holy Bible, learning about Nigeria’s diverse languages and cultures, gardening, and listening to hip hop.

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