Dalal Boland

Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself” — John Dewey

Dalal Boland


Growing up, Dalal Boland has always had notable remarks in school, especially in her English classes. She was always recognized to have abilities beyond the age-appropriate material. After witnessing how several students struggled with the English language, she decided to pursue a career in the education field for the purpose of teaching English to second language learners.

After she obtained her bachelor’s degree from the Gulf University for Science and Technology in Kuwait, majoring in English Education, she decided to expand her horizons to further pursue higher education in the USA. There, Dalal earned her master’s degree from Florida State University. She joined the university’s Curriculum and Instruction program, specializing in Foreign and Second Language Education.

She fell in love with the different language theories she found in the field of language and learning. The more she became absorbed in the content, the more she knew that this was the right field for her. For years, she has been an advocate of learning, especially in Curriculum and Instruction/TESOL. She wants nothing more than to strengthen the educational system in Kuwait. Boland was awarded multiple certificates for presenting at different TESOL conferences, including TESOL Arabia. Boland currently resides in the United States to work on her Ph.D. She is focusing her studies in the Curriculum and Instruction program, specializing in English Education at the University of South Florida, USA.

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