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“If you want a great vacation, go to an all-inclusive resort. If you want a great travel experience, go anywhere else.” – Edmond Gagnon


Edmond Gagnon has French Canadian roots and was born in the small town of McGregor, just outside the City of Windsor, Ontario, Canada. He grew up in Windsor and played various sports, eventually training for the Canadian Olympic Water Polo Team. Being one of six siblings raised by a single mother, Ed found it necessary to work. A month before his nineteenth birthday he joined the Windsor Police Force. He was on the street in uniform for fifteen years. Afterward, he did investigative work such as narcotics, morality, burglary, fraud, and arson. Ed retired as a Detective after thirty-one-and-a-half years of service.

Upon retiring, Ed traveled around the world, visiting exotic places like Cambodia, Viet Nam, Thailand, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Belize, Costa Rica, Europe, and Mexico. He also rode his Harley Davidson north to Alaska, south to Key West, west to Seattle and Vancouver, and east to the Atlantic Ocean. He and his wife Cathryn continue to travel and explore the planet.

While traveling abroad, (before Facebook) Ed sent family and friends short stories of his adventures and misadventures. At their suggestion, he put the tales together in his first book, A Casual Traveler. The book was well received and Ed caught the writing bug. He decided to tell some of his cop stories and wrote Rat, the first installment in what would become his Norm Strom Crime Fiction Series. Edmond Gagnon bases the stories he writes about on events he was involved with and characters he met during his policing career. He’s continued the crime series with, Bloody Friday, Torch, Finding Hope, and the Border City Chronicles. Ed also collaborated with two other authors to publish the crime anthology, All These Crooked Streets. His most recent release is a paranormal thriller called Four. Ed and his wife Cathryn have a website/travel blog where they share their travel adventures, as well as rate movies, restaurants, and books. All of Ed’s books can also be seen on his web page.