Ellen Hietsch

I suddenly thought… hang on, it’s happening, it has been right from the beginning, and there isn’t suddenly a line when the training stops and life starts.” — Roger Waters

Ellen Hietsch


Ellen Hietsch graduated from Dickinson College in 2017 with a degree in sociology. She spent her first year out of university teaching English at a secondary school in Madrid, Spain. There, she tried several techniques to get her students excited about language learning, including playing songs on her ukulele. She loves writing and stays positive through chaos by thinking about how everything is eventually a great story. In Madrid, she can likely be found walking through three to four barrios per day. She loves journaling at her favorite Malasaña coffee shops, writing songs about happenings at her apartment, and making absurdly long Spotify playlists. She’s excited to bring her need of always trying new things and making new friends along with her as her family moves to Upstate New York (as in Farther North Than Anything But Canada Upstate New York). Ellen and her family had lived in Central Pennsylvania since Ellen was two weeks old.

Ellen decided that she wanted to pursue a career in international education after leaving the US for the first time when she studied abroad in Copenhagen her junior year. This has brought her to many exciting places. These include an internship at the Forum on Education Abroad and to several work abroad programs in Madrid. She will be living for a second year in Madrid in order to attend language school. Ellen is also excited to further explore Madrid’s study abroad programs this year, after having worked at APUNE (the Association of American Programs in Spain) last year. She hopes to get a master’s degree in either sociology or psychology while completing research related to her study abroad program within the next few years.

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