Find the courage to learn and take risks” — Leikyn Bravo

Leikyn Bravo


Leikyn Bravo is a Chicago native with Filipino and American roots. She has traveled to 45+ countries on six different continents before the age of 22, most of which was completed solo. Leikyn has traveled on all budgets and has lived the couch surfing life, been hostel hopping, stayed at luxury hotels, and more. Travel has allowed her to celebrate life in new ways and connect with locals from around the world. She hopes to inspire others to see that travel can be done on any budget, to break down stereotypes, and to encourage solo travel for anyone regardless of age or gender identification. 

Leikyn dreamed of traveling since she was a little girl. Her favorite toy growing up was a globe. She loved showing different locations to the kids on her street and telling them how someday she would visit the pyramids, befriend a kangaroo, and dive with sharks. Nowadays Leikyn embraces adventure and is often described as a thrill seeker. She loves to skydive and scuba dive. Some of her favorite adventures include surfing in Sri Lanka, getting lost in the Tatra Mountains, and hitchhiking for the first and probably the last time. Her ultimate favorite travel memory was staying out until 3am with a local family in Indonesia. They spent all night cooking fish on a small propane grill, drinking Arak, and playing local instruments and sharing music. She didn’t know any of the songs but that didn’t stop her from trying to join in. 

In addition to being an avid traveler, Leikyn is more commonly known for her work as a singer, songwriter, actress, and all-around musician. She was listed in NY Weekly’s 30 under 30 in 2021 after the success of her debut album, Songs You’ll Never Hear. She is a Berklee College of Music alumna too. Leikyn made her movie debut in an IMDb official short film in 2021 as well and loves to dance with a Polynesian group whenever she can. Her passion for music has allowed her to share stages and streets with musicians everywhere. Readers can find more information about Leikyn’s travel and music on her web page.

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