Matthew Hirtes, Editor

I heard an airplane passing overhead. I wish I was on it.” — Charles Bukowski

Matthew Hirtes


Matthew Hirtes joined Dreams Abroad in May 2020 as a Member. He first wrote about What Makes the Canary Islands’ Las Palmas de Gran Canaria a Great Place to Study Abroad. From 2020-2021, he took a vital role at Dreams Abroad donning the hat of both the writer and editor. 

To this day, Matthew continues to contribute to our site. As a vegan, he has written a helpful plant-based guide for a meat and dairy-free visit to the Canary Islands. Additionally, his La Gomera: A Walkers’ Paradise on the Canary Islands can be easily enjoyed by anyone, no matter their diet.

Matthew finds that the qualities needed to be a powerful writer arise naturally out of the voracious and attentive reader. He’s very much inspired by his favourite journalists. Matthew landed his first writing gig following a chance encounter with legendary journo with The Face, Gavin Hills, in a Camden Town pub at the height of Britpop. More than 20 years later, Matthew still worships these journalist gurus. When it comes to food writing, he religiously clicks on Jay Rayner’s latest restaurant review first thing on Sunday mornings as the perfect accompaniment to his lazy breakfast.

Aspiring writers have often asked Matthew for advice. He has told them that influence is one thing, mimicry quite another. One must work hard to develop their own voice rather than taking the shortcut of parroting someone else’s style. Matthew urges new generations of writers to be the difference they wish to see in the world by using their platform as a writer like a soapbox. The hope is that with practice, today’s novices will become the role models for the writers of tomorrow.

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