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Linda asked 3 years ago

Dear Dreams,

I am supposed to start working as an auxiliar in October. However, my school has not contacted me. I sent an e-mail to the school and they have not reached out yet. Is this normal?

Thanks in advance!

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Leesa Truesdell Staff answered 2 years ago

Hey there!   Yes, it’s quite normal to not get a response around this time of the year. The month of August is vacation time for most, and schools do not return until early September. The same thing has happened to me before! What I did last time was wait until the first week of September and if there was still no response, just send a follow up email. Usually by then, people are more active with their emails and you’re more likely to get a response! Hope that helps! Bebe  
*Answered by our staffer, Bebe: see comments below. This is a repost of her comment.

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