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Liana Corbitt asked 2 years ago

What would you recommend to an American single mom with a 3 year old when it comes to studying at grad level in Spain? These are the two options in my mind: enrollment in a full masters program for two years in Spain or a shorter term study abroad program through an American school?

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Leesa Truesdell Staff answered 2 years ago

Dear Liana,

We have taken some time to consider your situation more fully and have created a few points for you to reflect upon before making a decision. In short, we would always recommend going abroad, but depending on the subject you are studying and the university you choose, there are better and worse options. Further, as a single mother or not, it will all depend on your ability to plan, organize, and overcome expected and unexpected situations.

If you would like to provide additional details regarding your expectations and goals, we would be happy to continue the conversation! Keep in mind, we assume cost and language are not an issue so we have not included them in our points below.

  1. First, what are you trying to achieve in the time abroad?
    1. To study under a specific professor.
    2. To study a subject that might be enhanced by the location.
    3. To prepare for a PhD or specific job.
  1. Consider regulations and opportunities provided by each opportunity regarding your child
    1. What assistance might they offer regarding early childhood education and care?
    2. What available pre-kindergarten programs are available?
    3. What are school and or program policies on children on campus and or in the classroom?
  1. What are the pros and cons of the school in mind in Spain versus the study abroad program?
    1. Childcare assistance, transportation, learning curve (knowledge of local culture, city, etc…), emergencies, and so on.
    2. Consider how prolonged international experience will compare to a shorter study abroad program when marketing your CV to future universities and employers.
    3. World ranking, professors, health of program (student-teacher ratio, number of PhDs, and so on)
    4. Potential for future studies, on-going research programs, workshop frequency, field specific laboratories, etc…
  1. Last, how many chances will you have to do this in the future?
    1. Carpe Diem.

We hope that this helps you and look forward to any additional help we might be able to offer!
Thanks for your question!

-Dreams Abroad Staff

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