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Brad asked 3 years ago

What’s up, Dreams Abroad!
I like the e-mail so I knew there was new materials – how often are you going to do this?  1x, 2x per month?

1 Answers
Leesa Truesdell Staff answered 3 years ago

Hello Brad, Thanks so much for asking about our recent newsletter that went out this past week. We are still in the early (experimental) phases with our newsletter. Last week was pretty much our first edition — so, thank you for your positive feedback and support! As we continue to test our newsletter and its features, we will more than likely send one edition per month over the summer. Then perhaps if the demand is there, we could revisit sending it out two times per month.  Thank you so much for your question and feedback. It\’s great to know that you received our recent updates that were shared in our newsletter.  -Dreams Abroad

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