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Laura asked 3 years ago

Hi Dreams Abroad,

I can’t decide if I want to study abroad for a year or do an internship abroad for a semester. Does anyone on your staff have experience doing an internship abroad?


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Leesa Truesdell Staff answered 3 years ago

Dear Laura,

Studying abroad for one year is different than doing an internship for one semester. First, let’s take a look at the time. One year is different than one semester by on average 8 months (approximately 4 months in one semester).

Second, studying is different than interning in your specific major or program of study. If you wish to get a specific amount of credits in your program of study, then studying abroad might be the best option. Researching this in greater detail with your department’s academic advisor would be your best option. If you are at the end of your program, then maybe the internship is the best option for you. Again, ask your academic advisor in your department to confirm what credits you need in order to graduate.

Finally, interning abroad is a great experience for those who want to get practical experience in their field while living in a different culture. Living abroad is a great way to understand how other cultures interact not only in a social way but also in your future line of work. However, be forewarned that if you are not doing the internship through your university or college, you might not be placed in the area of work that you are requesting. Here are some thoughts from a different internship Q & A post. It’s important to do your research and minimize your expectations. Internships around the world are going to be different depending on where you go. If you are looking for an American experience but abroad, you should reconsider doing the internship. If you have an open mind, and are a bit more flexible, it’s worth looking into!

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