Daniel C asked 3 years ago

I want my student to like our classes. What can I do to make the one on one time more fun? We meet twice a week for an hour and he is in third grade. Speaks well for his age.

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Josh Dreams Staff answered 3 years ago

Thank you for your question but I need a little more creative constraint before I give you an answer. So, let’s assume this is a free period without any specific learning outcomes or general goals besides to “have fun in English”. If that’s the case, we should begin by talking about “Fun” as “Engaging”. Now I am not saying that you should not try to have fun, but you should be aware that you and the 9-ish-year-old might disagree about what constitutes a good time in a classroom. With that in mind, designing engaging lessons that grab and hold your student’s attention should be the goal.

To begin, ask your student questions about his likes, hobbies, and experiences. Encourage him to explain his ideas by showing a legitimate interest in what he has to say. If you hit what feels like a winner of a topic, try to experiment with activities that further encourage him to explore related topics in order to broaden his understanding (learning activities AKA games, planning a trip, music, videos, dialogues, stories, creative writing, etc…).

Yeah, he might be 9, but you might be surprised what he can accomplish when he is encouraged to engage with topics he enjoys. Remember that this is a wonderful opportunity to encourage his growth as a learner and maybe even give him a few good moments before those oh so amazing middle school years. So stop guessing and start listening because the kid might just be a wonderful resource if he is willing to speak with you.

Best of luck!

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