Genine asked 3 years ago

Dear Dreams Abroad,

I would like to teach abroad next year. Where do I begin to look? Do you have any idea why people choose South Korea over places like Thailand or South America?

thank you so much,

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Leesa Truesdell Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Genine,

Thanks for your question, but we need to take a few steps back first. When going abroad, you have 5 continents (your own and Antarctica removed) with a selection of about 200 countries with countless cities or villages that you can consider from South Korea to Paris. With that in mind, there are plenty of options and reasons to teach or avoid each place depending on your preferences, experience level, and general level of care for the actual job.

To begin, introspection into your wants, needs, and purpose for teaching abroad will help you to make an informed decision. Then discussing those ideas with people in the field will help you to narrow your search criteria. Finally, its remembering that the minute you arrive the weather might change and suddenly your \”dreams\” might require adjustments. Thankfully, there are about another 199 countries filled with options.

Now, this leads us to why people might choose one location over another. Perhaps it’s really the teaching, or perhaps it is the social benefits (Korea), nightlife (South America), or something like a romanticized ideal that has you smitten (Thai beaches), but, regardless, doing your research (and contacting people like us!) is a great way to start. Keep in mind, you can often find anything anywhere, but some places just do it better than others! Feel free to contact us again and we will gladly help you narrow your search further!


Dreams Abroad Staff

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