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Curious Student asked 3 years ago

I am thinking about teaching in South America for a semester in the fall. Has anyone on your staff taught in a country in South America? Why do teachers choose to teach in Asia (China and South Korea) compared to places in South America?

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Josh Dreams Staff answered 3 years ago

Thank you for your question! There are teachers who have taught and lived in South America and Asia as well as other locations around the world. That combined with their network of fellow expat teachers provides a nice general, and sometimes even too specific, insight into many countries around the world.
In general teachers often prefer to teach in Asia due to the higher wages, benefits, and general safety. While this is debatable depending upon level of education and job, which city you land in, and the current political climate, it’s a general rule of thumb and can be a driving factor for many individuals. Still, others make their choice based upon an attraction to a given culture, may it be the people, the food, or some other cultural element. Different strokes for different folks, ya know!

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