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Jeremy asked 3 years ago

I don’t understand how one country can choose the capitol of another. What would we Americans do if all of a sudden a group of countries decided Washington, DC was not the capitol of the USA but say instead said it was Nashville, TN. What then?

1 Answers
Josh Dreams Staff answered 3 years ago

Your question is a bit off topic for the forum. We mostly focus on expat teacher related Q&A.
But, since I do like my politics… Your question seems to miss a vital point, one country does not choose the capitol of another, rather it can attempt to sway opinion or question legitimacy via recognition or lack of it.
It’s a similar idea for contested countries (Taiwan, South and North Korea, Israel, etc…). As a way to protest a capitol, state, given borders, and so on, they will set up embassies elsewhere if at all in order to potentially influence domestic decisions or others to take notice and even to follow suit. Fun stuff, right!

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