Ask a Travel QuestionCategory: Living AbroadWhy do some people stay abroad and others return home so quickly?
Agustin Diaz asked 2 years ago

Hola Expats!
First, thanks to the admins of the forum for allowing me to ask for help. In order to complete my master thesis, I need people working abroad to complete my questionnaire. I just need 30 answers more! I am doing research related to people’s motivations for working abroad, job embeddedness (in the job but also in the host country) and the influence of Facebook in this relationship. I am aiming for anyone working abroad (or that has worked before abroad).

If you could save 10 minutes of your time to do it, I would be very grateful! It would be even better if you can share the link with other people working abroad. I hope my findings are useful for the expat community! You will be part of it!

Here is the link:

Thank you so much!

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