Recommendations and Reviews of Resources

Our contributors at Dreams Abroad are a network of travelers who have had fulfilling experiences abroad that they want to share with the Dreams Abroad community and ultimately, the world. We hope that our online resource center can act as a point of reference for individuals hoping to start their experience abroad with a head start. Many of us didn’t have a community or center to refer to before we started our journey abroad. We want our readers to know they can and will succeed. Therefore, we have started this resource page in order to collaborate amongst our Dreams Abroad team. We also wanted to provide a comprehensive and ongoing list of pros and cons of different resources for our readers just about to embark on their travels abroad or are already on their adventure abroad.

A fulfilling and engaging life abroad takes time, patience, mental fortitude, flexibility, and yes, even more time. Our team has compiled a list of resources that we credit with enhancing various aspects of our lives outside the United States. These resources can range from lodging, entertainment, lifestyle and so much more. Things like finding the perfect place to live abroad or making new friends outside our American circles can be challenging, especially in new places. Or, for our frequent flyers who are constantly on the move, we have quick travel references! With the understanding that such a vast array of resources can be daunting when starting to explore them, we want to share some of our favorites with you.

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