Contributors involved with Dreams Abroad have their own travel tales and work-abroad stories they are happy to share with the world. They are also interested in providing their perspectives on wider matters. You can discover these in our Vlogs and What I Know Now articles.

Many of our members have their own websites as well. In addition, many of our guest writers have sites too. Dreams Abroad highlights these in our Recommendations.

In Vlogs, you will discover our celebrated holiday videos in which our members offer you the compliments of the season. Then there is our #WinningWednesday series where contributors from inside and outside of Dreams Abroad speak their mind such as our very own Sarah Perkins Guebert who stressed the importance of addressing personal growth and professional development. You will also find tips about studying abroad from the likes of Emma Schultz.

What I Know Now is a section where our members share their experiences of traveling, studying, and teaching all over the world. Sometimes these are cautionary tales with the writer eager for you to avoid following in their misplaced footsteps while there are also ones with an outsiders’ perspective such as Carlos Balbuena’s reflections on studying abroad in the United States. Others are a combination of the two, including Dreams Abroad editor Cassidy Kearney’s Five Tips for Traveling to Europe.

Dreams Abroad members are active travelers who love to get out and about like Edmond Gagnon, Amanda Whitten, Jim Murty, and Matthew Hirtes. Our guest writers have similarly fallen head over heels for destinations near and far with Moshe Huberman distinctly writing about his adventures in The Top Ten Traveler. Lisa Mallett, meanwhile, has a world of wonder on her doorstep, thanks to her Niagara base. 

Dreams Abroad founder Leesa Truesdell set up #GlobalFoodieFriends in October 2019. #FoodieFriday was reborn in May 2021 as a monthly celebration of exploring the world, one plate at a time. Who’s up for tasting their way around the globe?


Scott Holley kayaking

Scott Holley Embraces the Great Outdoors

Dreams Abroad has always featured inspiring individuals and Eddyline Kayaks’ president, Scott Holley is no exception. While it has proved impossible to…
Granada, Spain

Ian Rutter Supports Slow Travel

The endlessly-talented Ian Rutter urges you to go off the beaten track. Ian is a B&B co-owner, blogger, and concierge.…
Heidi Fuller-Love

VLOG: Heidi Fuller-Love

  2020 was the year in which we launched our #WednesdayWisdom campaign, eliciting the support of contacts from within Dreams…
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