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Navigating around global cities such as Madrid, Tokyo, or Moscow has become more complicated in recent years. Citymapper is a public transit application and mapping service to make life easier. Transportation options such as buses and subway systems are now not the only ways of getting around and Citymapper wants you to be updated. Travelers have the selection choice of walking, cycling, taking an Uber, or public transport with prices and frequency of services displayed. This information is either user-generated, extracted from open data (provided by transportation authorities), or collected simply by local personnel within the app’s interface.

Not only does it integrate data for all urban modes of transportation, like walking, bicycling, and driving, but the app also wants to simplify the process of navigating through the busy cityscape with a contactless payment card that runs on a weekly subscription. The payment card is only available in London right now but will soon be in a city near you. This app operates for free on a user’s cellular service and a desktop computer via its website, partnered together with Google Maps.

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