What do Dreams Abroad members have in common with each other? An extreme case of wanderlust accompanied with telltale symptoms such as the itchiest of feet, for sure. We are also artists, photographers, and writers. Separately we have different levels of experience but together we share the same level of dedicated enthusiasm. 

Our directory of sites is a veritable passion project. You can say hello to one-time policeman, present crime author/travel writer Edmond Gagnon. Windsor, Ontario is his home. He enjoys traveling to neighboring north American countries such as the United States and Mexico and destinations further afield in Central and South America and Africa. 

Lamon Chapman is a multi-talented professional based in Colombia. He plays keyboard with the Latin GRAMMY-nominated Explosión Negra and has recorded as King Lamon X Schola. Lamon previously worked on Wall Street and has put his business knowledge to good use in launching Colombia.

Let us say hola too to Tenerife-based watercolorist Amanda Whitten. Amanda’s roots are in Oklahoma but she has made Spain her home. After a spell on the mainland teaching in Madrid, she has since relocated to the Canary Islands.

Down the years, we have collaborated with some sublimely talented bloggers and writers. Many of them have gone on to become members at Dreams Abroad. Even if they haven’t (yet), we truly value their deep friendship and want to show them how important they are to us by sharing their sites with you.

So, come meet Moshe Huberman (aka The Top Ten Traveler) whose comprehensive listicles make for essential reading when diligently researching a new destination. Allow us to introduce you to Lisa Mallett too, the doyenne of Niagara travel experts who communicates her first-hand experience of exploring her native terrain so enthusiastically. Chef Denise (Macuk) urges us to explore global cuisine when traveling, one bite at a time. You will enjoy discovering their exciting worlds.

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