Idealista – www.idealista.com

Idealista makes your lodging hunt in Spain quick and easy. It has categories that can be divided down to specific sections of barrios, and users can even draw their own, even more specific boundaries based on where they want to search. It is notoriously well-organized and trusted by many foreigners.

Lodging Resource Provided by Ellen Hietsch

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Airbnb – airbnb.com

Airbnb is an online lodging booking website that provides a space for homeowners to rent their properties to travelers for periods of time. Rooms can vary from a house to an apartment, hotel room, couch or even a houseboat. Travelers can book a stay in more than 65,000 plus cities and 191plus countries. Because of the fact that is able to post their private properties for rent, some travelers are skeptical not for me. From safety, sanitation and the quality of the property, stay at an Airbnb comes with some risk. These kinds of fears can increase greatly when traveling abroad to another country. But, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of Airbnb. It is well worth it. The website offers cheaper and less costly options, unlike big name hotels. You also have a chance to chat with a local while booking your stay for a unique experience.

Lodging Resource Provided by Nick Tuma

airbnb travel resources
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