Dreams Abroad is a warm and welcoming community of like-minded souls. We showcase the deeds and thoughts of progressive individuals who expand their horizons by traveling to and working in foreign countries. These days, professionals are more and more nomadic. It’s very much a case of Have Wifi, Work from Anywhere. You can hear and see their truth because the video camera never lies, right? 

So prepare to become acquainted with various life and travel hints and tips. Ensure you are as ready to teach abroad as Lamon Chapman. Award-winning editor Jim Murty is aka Bandanaman and novelist Lizzie Enfield has some advice regarding using books as a means of transport. 

Andalusia-based Ian Rutter points out the potential of Instagram beyond looking at pretty pictures. The world of marketing’s John Dale Beckley champions an ecologically-aware Canary Islands and travel writer Heidi Fuller-Love advises you to make for the hills rather than the beach in Greece. Sarah Perkins-Guebert is all about growing as a person and developing as a professional. Jonathan Metrick celebrates the growing importance of Pride. Their stories have one thing in common: they are inspiring.

Who doesn’t enjoy celebrating the holiday season? We like to mark these times of the year at Dreams Abroad with a commemorative video. Long may this fun, festive tradition continue. It’s our present to you.

Our videos take you back in time. Travel with us to the birth of Dreams Abroad founder and director, Leesa Truesdell, as your guide. Our story is a developing one. Watch this space for the latest developments, as we chronicle our growth with new videos.

We want to help you realize your dreams abroad. Watch Justin Hughes-Coleman’s video about how a foreign adventure can make you believe in yourself. Justin also talks about collaborating with other members which has led to him developing key teamwork skills.

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