What I Know Now

Life is fun. And life is incredible. Yet it can be stressful too. Knowing how to prepare and what to expect from the inevitable pitfalls you will encounter is incredibly useful. 

Explore our informative What I Know Now series to discover tips, tricks, and pieces of advice from Dreams Abroad contributors new and those altogether more established. What would they have done differently if they were to repeat a past experience?

Sarah Perkins Guebert shares five things she learned teaching English in Spain. Dreams Abroad founder Leesa Truesdell discusses what she discovered while solo traveling. Caroline Hazelton reveals what she knows now about being a Spanish and ESL teacher in the USA.

What can you learn from teaching English in Spain for eight years? Timisha Dixon reveals five things she knows now. If you like raw, gutsy writing, Timisha’s open and honest article will resonate with you. We look forward to publishing the latest What I Know Now. In much the same way, we know you can’t wait to see the next What I Know Now go live. It’s a five-minute break from your world and a gateway to another dimension as in perspective.

What does Ellen Hietsch know now about safety abroad? Dalal Boland explains what every PH.D. student needs to know. Writing in October 2017, one of our longest-serving contributors, Amanda Whitten, also known as Squirrel, shared five things she had learned while working as a language assistant.

Maybe you have experienced a life-changing event which would you like to share with our audience. If this happened studying abroad, you sound like an ideal new We Study member. If your tale is an educational one from a teacher’s point of view, how about signing up to our We Teach program and share it to fellow global professionals?

Perhaps there is something you would like to know about that we haven’t covered yet. Get in touch with us. We are a responsive resource which listens to the wishes of its readership and acts accordingly.


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