What We Know Now

What We Know Now

As fun and incredible traveling is, it, of course,  doesn’t come without its stress! Knowing how to prepare and what to expect from your trip traveling abroad often depends wildly on where you’re going, with who, as well as what you’re doing. In view of this, Dreams Abroad has assembled an entire staple series about what our team knows now about traveling and living abroad. Peruse through our What I Know Now series in order to discover tips, tricks, and pieces of advice on what our team members thought most important to traveling. This series asks our author to list five things that they would have done differently if they were to start their journey again.

What Would You Change?

It’s natural for everyone to make mistakes, but it would be great if mistakes could be (at least) mitigated! Reading through our What I Know Now series will share some insight into what our authors wished they could have done just a little differently while traveling, or things that they wished they had prepared more for. Online packing lists and online forums don’t always prepare you for everything, like ways to cope with the homesickness of being in another country for months at a time!

Each What I Know Now post offers a unique, fresh outlook in light of the traveler reflecting on what they could have done differently. With this purpose in mind, all of our team members offer their own take in the What I Know Now series. This enables our readers to explicitly view a wide array of advice, stemming from travel to culture. Because there are so many perspectives, readers can see what was most important to our authors while traveling, and hopefully, to them. Therefore, the What I Know Now series is meant to give readers an insight into past mishaps or things that we wished we had kept in mind as we were just beginning. With this in mind, we hope to shed light and provide a little guidance in what can seem like the dark abyss of travel preparation!


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