Our Team

Our team is the backbone of the Dreams Abroad organization. Without our team, Dreams Abroad would not be what it is today. Our members form a tight-knit support group for those who live and work abroad as well as international travelers and those who dream of having experiences abroad. Each of our members gives their unique insight into their own personal experiences of living, teaching, working, traveling, and studying abroad. Though all of our lives may be quite different from one to another, we always give one another support to get through the challenges we all face abroad.

Learn More About Us

To learn more about our amazing Dreams Abroad team you can read our individual biographies linked below. Each of our writers is unique so our experiences are as varied as our plans and goals for the future. Each author’s individual articles are listed on their biography page, making it easy for our readers to follow any series an author may be writing.

Advice, Recommendations, and Experiences

Our team is made up of the very people who contribute their personal perspectives, recommendations, and experiences to our site. Dreams Abroad gives our community a look into team members’ experiences to support their pursuit of their own dreams and provide insight and guidance to our loyal audience. Each of our members plays a different role in Dreams Abroad, leading to the site you see today!

We Are a Community

While our team may not be the largest, it is authentic. We are made up of real, everyday people. We support one another through the difficult challenges we face living, working, studying, and traveling abroad. We offer one another advice and open ears. Writing about our experiences is a way for us to process the events in our lives while also sharing and learning from our mistakes. Our team is a community, and we would love to share our lives with you!

Do you have an experience abroad that you’d like to share? Join us today!

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