Tyler Black
tyler black traveler

“Travel far enough, you meet yourself”  – David Mitchell

Tyler Black was born and raised in eastern Pennsylvania and graduated with a degree in business and a minor in Spanish from East Stroudsburg University. He traveled a lot as a kid and loved every minute of it, but the thought of living abroad seemed like a wacky idea to him!

That is, until he studied abroad for a semester in Córdoba, Spain in 2014. Tyler became infatuated with the language, the culture, and the people. He learned so much each day and made lifelong friends. Suddenly Tyler’s whole worldview changed and he knew he had to go back.

So, in 2015 Tyler moved to Spain to teach English. He spent one year in a town called Badajoz, and another year in Madrid. During this time, Tyler visited dozens of cities and towns within Spain and traveled to 11 countries. Taking this plunge was the best decision of his life, except for the fact that he had now become addicted to seeing more and more! Tyler has now been on four continents with the hope of setting his feet on all seven one day.

Aside from traveling, you can always catch Tyler watching sports, going to concerts, or getting in shape. He obsesses over his car a little too much and is always getting into trouble with his friends. Tyler currently lives in Pittsburgh as a corporate travel consultant at BCD Travel. Follow Tyler on Instagram @ty_meets_w0rld to see his travel photos and all the shenanigans he gets himself into!

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