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Grace Perrotta

Grace Perrotta


The best words to describe Grace are determined and passionate. Whether it’s traveling to Ireland to write plays or being involved in student theater, Grace takes on every project with enthusiasm and (no pun intended) grace.

Mio Matsumoto

Mio Matsumoto

Tallahassee, Florida

Mio is a bright personality and avid traveler hailing from Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan. She is currently studying hospitality in Tallahassee, Florida to achieve her dreams.

eliana meyerowitz we study abroad member

Eliana Meyerowitz

London, United Kingdom

Eliana is an authentic, enthusiastic individual whose dedication to theatre led her to an immersive study abroad experience in London.

study abroad marina schipani travel london

Marina Schipani

London, United Kingdom 

Marina is a passionate, positive young woman whose dedication to her dream of studying abroad has led her to a theatre program in London, United Kingdom.

michelle futo studing abroad member coral springs florida state

Michelle Futo

Leysin, Switzerland

Michelle is a hard-working, purposeful individual whose determination to study abroad led her to her a hospitality program in Leysin, Switzerland where she dreamed of visiting. 

studying abroad seoul south korea carnival

Zoe Ezechiels

Seoul, South Korea

Zoe is an open-minded, personable individual whose passion for travel led her to her dream communication program in Seoul, South Korea.

study abroad student fsu college education orlando lewis

Orlando Lewis

Tallahassee, Florida, USA 

Orlando is an inspiring, goal-oriented young man who is embracing his dream of becoming a programmer by studying abroad in Tallahassee, FL, United States.