We Study

We Study is dedicated to sharing the stories of individuals in pursuit of educational experiences outside of their native locales. Our goal is to be a source of comfort for students far from home. Above all, we want to encourage those students to pursue their ideal adventures.

Our team has conducted personal interviews to provide insight into study abroad experiences in various programs around the globe. We especially want to provide a location and a story for everyone.

Discover the beauty that lies within the unexpected. Dreams don’t always go according to plan. Realize the power of having a dream when it becomes a reality. Hear from real people with real stories.

If, after reading, you find yourself yearning to be abroad as a student, check out one of our additional study-abroad posts. We provide tips as well as guidance for planning a study abroad experience of your own. Our posts offer advice on where to study plus what to pack. Not to mention, we go over how to fund the opportunity of a lifetime and much more!

Whether you are planning to study abroad, have already studied abroad, or just want to know what it’s like to be abroad, we hope you will enjoy reading about our adventures learning around the globe.

Contact Us About Studying Abroad

Have you studied abroad, too? We would without a doubt love to hear from you! Share your own experiences of studying abroad. You can help others discover the adventure and possibility that awaits them. Dreams Abroad is a community dedicated to providing support for fellow travelers. Contact us today!


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