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Teach Abroad started as a series of interviews during the 2016 to 2017 academic school year in Madrid, Spain. Leesa Truesdell, our founder, wanted to include different regions of Madrid. She also wanted to include different perspectives from multiple teachers. The interviews are structured by reason for coming to Spain, mid-year progress, and future plans. Check out the categories below!

#1 Teach Abroad: Why Spain

#2 Teach Abroad: Mid-Year Check-In

#3 Teach Abroad: Future Plans

Since then, we saw that Teach Abroad 2017 to 2018 interviewed international educators in classrooms of foreign countries. Their personal anecdotes are revealed through our unique interviews. Furthermore, these global professionals go over tips for teaching and educating abroad. They discuss why they decided to pick that country and school to teach in. Our interviews undoubtedly have lots to offer! Our members explain their perceptions of what it’s like teaching in another country. They reflect on their assumptions and expectations of teaching abroad. These one-on-ones undeniably give a very detailed understanding of what they went through. They also reveal their future goals abroad.

Teach USA

We have also added Teach USA. Teach USA by interviewing teachers in the USA. This series parallels Teach Abroad and gives a new insight. Not to mention, these teaching professionals give us a look into what it is like teaching in the United States. Up against great odds, experiences and hard work shape these teachers. They have come from abroad to teach in schools around our country. They do all of this, despite the challenges. Additionally, their stories and reflections are a sense of what only they can share. Teach USA members reflect on students they teach and their teaching methods. In addition, they also discuss what difficulties and challenges they encounter by becoming a teacher in the United States.

Our Ask of You

Lastly, our goal is to interview four teachers per academic year in our Dreams Abroad program. Additionally, if you are a first-year or even a seasoned teacher, please send us a message. We are always looking for educators for Teach Abroad interviews. If you would like more information or would like to nominate a teacher, please send our team a message HERE. While we would like to select every teacher to interview, we unfortunately cannot. It is important to realize, space for interviews is limited.

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