Travel Tales

Our team has traveled the world and have many stories to tell. Some of our tales include accounts from young millennials and veteran travelers. We enjoy adventures, challenges, and discoveries. 

Dreams Abroad is devoted to sharing our authors’ stories. Would you like to sample award-winning cider in Gran Canaria? Or maybe you would like to explore a tropical paradise such as Zanzibar?

Travel Tales was born when Cassidy Kearney recounted her time abroad on a month-long European tour with fellow American college students. It’s continued on with Sarah Perkins Guebert’s take of her epic Camino de Santiago experience. Check out director Leesa Truesdell’s visit to Medellin, Colombia on Independence Day.

Read about deserts, jungles, islands, oceans, and cities, as well as the people and cultures with whom our authors interacted. Then learn about our blunders, and unfortunate accidents too. See what came out of canceled flights, aimless wandering, layovers, and, most noteworthy, a dive off a cliff into a French river. Our challenges have become stories we love to share.

Join Us

Do you have a travel story, too? We’d love to hear from you as well! Share your own adventure and then help others who may be in the same boat (train, plane, or automobile) as you. Dreams Abroad is a community that provides support for fellow globetrotters. Join us today. Happy reading and happy travels.


Haifa from afar.

From Calvert to Haifa via Hillel

It’s hard to know where to begin this story exactly. So, I’ll start at the very, very beginning. I grew…
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