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“Do not feel lonely, the entire universe is inside you” ~ Rumi

Zoe Ezechiels

Zoe Ezechiels is currently studying to earn two bachelor’s degrees, one in Media and Communication Studies and the other in Theatre. She prides herself in being a lifelong learner, forming and maintaining lifelong friendships, and being open to any opportunity that matches her values. She has many, many goals, some of which include collaborating on a documentary, working on the writing staff of a children’s show, and voice acting in an anime. Zoe plans to pave a career path that allows her to journey around the world, accomplish some of the goals on her extensive list, and help make the world a nicer place.

Travel has been encoded into Zoe’s DNA since before her birth. Her parents had a whirlwind romance that began at the Stockholm Arlanda airport. After being born in Norway, Zoe moved with her family to Florida. Also, she is a 3-year vegan who loves writing, petting animals as she walks in the park, and reading (especially Japanese manga). Zoe’s been traveling her entire life: going to martial arts tournaments in Puerto Rico, relaxing in Hawaii, and studying abroad for a year in South Korea. These experiences all motivated her to continue feeding her travel bug and she is excited to see where it will take her next. 

Spirit of Aloha

Spirit of Aloha

by Zoe Ezechiels During my college winter break, I was invited to go to Hawaii with my best friend and her…
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